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Executive Committee
meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month & comprised of the following 5 officers of the board:
President – (vacant)
Vice President – (vacant)
Treasurer – (vacant)
Secretary – (vacant)
Member-At-Large – Brian Frobisher
The Executive Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  This is the meeting at which items submitted to the board for inclusion on the agenda of the regular board meeting (held the 3rd Tuesday of each month) are considered by the executive board for inclusion on the upcoming agenda.  The agenda for the regular board meeting gets established at this meeting, so this meeting is also the deadline to submit items for inclusion on this month’s agenda.
You can get something on the agenda in either of 2 ways: you may submit your requests to the board by emailing with the subject line “agenda request” (or by using this form), or you may attend the Executive Committee Meeting to present and explain the agenda item you have in mind.  You are also free to submit your ideas via email and then also attend the Executive Committee Meeting and weigh in as the Executive Committee discusses.
Whether or not you are trying to add something to the agenda, all stakeholders are always welcome to attend the Executive Committee Meeting for any reason, including curiosity or to weigh in on things you’ve seen on an agenda.
The Planning & Land Use Committee (PLUC) oversees land use and development in Glassell Park. The committee meets monthly with business owners, land developers and homeowners to review plans and share ideas on projects in Glassell Park.
PLUC meetings are where applicants for new building/development/modifications come to share information about their proposed projects with the community. Here’s the letter we send to each applicant.
As a Glassell Park Stakeholder, you are encouraged to attend, ask questions, and provide input. If you are unable to attend, you may provide comments on specific projects, general issues, or make a committee agenda request by email.  All emails received by the committee will be read at the next PLUC meeting and those pertaining to Board Meeting agenda items will be circulated to the Board
Bylaws Committee
chair – (vacant)
This committee is responsible for making sure the bylaws and standing rules that govern the proceedings of the GPNC stay up-to-date and relevant, making recommendations to the board for changes deemed necessary. The board must ratify all changes, and then these modifications must be verified through the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment before they become official.
The Outreach Committee heads up our marketing & PR efforts: sharing our happenings via social media, creating content to share via the website, and creating banners & flyers for events.
The Public Arts committee aims to bring more art, murals, and other beautification to the neighborhood. This committee is community-minded and seeks to empower the community to be a part of this beautification process, and connect local artists, both budding and established, with opportunities to take part.
WIT is responsible for the back-end technology that powers the website, our email list, and all other technical aspects of keeping GPNC’s content available via the web.
The Grants & Funding Committee reviews applications for Neighborhood Purpose Grants and for Community Improvement Projects, discussing relevant details in committee before they are formally presented to the board.
Ad-Hoc Committees:
GPNC Manual Committee (creating a manual for how GPNC works)
Neighborhood Watch Committee