Town Hall Meeting 4/4/17 @ 7pm


*UPDATE: if you attended this workshop and want to stay connected with a group of people who are all working to reduce their footprint, check out the newly created facebook group, NELAZeroWaste, and also check out the page with lots more info about this event and the topic of reducing here (incl. the digital handout full of links).

You’ve heard it before, REDUCE > REUSE > RECYCLE, but how much thought have you given it? This month’s Town Hall is a chance for you to really think about the blind spots in your use of things that come from earth’s limited resources.  If you think you’re really on top of it because your recycling bin is overflowing while your trash can is nearly empty, this event is going to challenge you to think again.  REDUCE is the first R, because it’s the most important, and REUSE still comes before RECYCLE.  At this event you’ll learn a lot more about what happens to stuff after you’re done with it, and what impact that has on the planet.  Then we’ll brainstorm together to set the wheels in motion on the systems and lifestyle approaches to using less and having a smaller ecological footprint.  Developing new habits is a gradual process, but most of the best habits take little effort, and many actually make life easier and less expensive.  You’ll hopefully take away a new awareness that will help you align your impact with your intentions and start you on a lifelong process of simplifying and reducing.

Town Hall 2/7/17 @ 7pm



  • Where can you volunteer to have a meaningful impact?
  • How do you interact safely and compassionately?
  • What are common myths and misconceptions?
  • How is the face of homelessness changing?
  • Who should you call—and not call?
  • Lycia Naff, Drive-By Do-Gooders
  • Martin Schlageter, CD14 Policy Director
  • Anthony Alvarado, LA County Dept of Mental Health
  • Monica Alcarez, Recycled Resources/Winter Homeless Shelter
If you would like to help, service providers will be accepting donations of coats, sleeping bags, blankets, socks, and toiletries at the event.

This event will be held at
Glassell Park Community & Senior Center
3750 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065
February 7th, 2017 – 7:00pm