Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates Release White Paper to Garcetti

The Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates met with Mayor Garcetti on Wednesday, March 8th, to present and review the White Paper with him and to hear  his thoughts on the current and coming fiscal years’ budgets.

The Budget Advocates will engage in further discussion about the contents of the White Paper with the City Council Budget & Finance Committee, probably in early May, and then, shortly thereafter, before the full City Council and will at that time add further stakeholder suggestions.

Given the now projected budget shortfall in the region of a quarter of a billion dollars, we are particularly interested in getting ideas on potential savings (without increasing Angelenos’ taxes or cutting back services) and suggestions for additional revenue streams.

If you as a Los Angeles resident would like to weigh in on the white paper or add your suggestions, PLEASE DO!  You can review the white paper, then email the GPNC’s Budget Reps with your suggestions ( and your email will be passed along to the proper channels.