GPNC Planning & Land Use Applicant Protocol


The Glassell Park Neighborhood Council has received your application.

The GPNC will hold a Planning & Land Use Committee (hereafter, PLUC) meeting where you will share information about your project with the committee.  We may then vote and make a recommendation to the GPNC board, which itself later votes on whether to accept the recommendations of the committee.  The GPNC then makes an official recommendation on the project to the Council District office and to the Department of City Planning.

When a date is decided for presentation of your project to the PLUC, we ask all applicants to send a notice to neighbors within a 500-ft radius of your proposed project, to alert them to the PLUC meeting where the project will be discussed. This 500-ft notice is in addition to the City’s required notice for any entitlements. We ask this of every applicant, to protect their interests, and the community’s—when it comes time for your hearing at the Planning Department, you can say that the community had plenty of opportunity to weigh in on the project.

We are providing a template for the notice. A list, and mailing labels, are available from the city’s ZIMAS website (process described here).

Please remember to send one copy of the notice to our mailing address:

3756 W. AVENUE 40
SUITE K, #545

Feel free to email us ( if you have any questions.

—————(TEMPLATE BELOW)—————


Planning & Land Use Committee

Thursday, [MONTH DATE, YEAR]* at 7:15 PM
Glassell Park Community & Senior Center
3750 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065

There will be a community meeting to discuss the project detailed below.  AS A GLASSELL PARK STAKEHOLDER, IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO ATTEND, ASK QUESTIONS, AND PROVIDE INPUT:

Property Address:
Applicant’s Request: (description of request as submitted on the application, or be more descriptive if desired)
Department of City Planning Case No.: (include all applicable case numbers)

*Date subject to change, so please check within 2 days of scheduled meeting for updates.

The GPNC is an advisory board to the Los Angeles City Council and all City of Los Angeles departments which allows Glassell Park stakeholders to play an active role in the governmental decision-making process affecting our community.
(—–end of letter—–)