Add an Item to an Upcoming Agenda

If you’d like to see the GPNC Board discuss something at an upcoming meeting, please suggest an item be added to an upcoming agenda.  Although you are able to join us at any board meeting and share during Public Comments, the board is unable to take action (vote to approve funding, writing/sending of letters, taking official positions) on anything that does not appear on the agenda.  So, for something of importance, it is best to request the item be added to the agenda.  Keep in mind, the board finalizes the agenda for the upcoming meeting at the Executive Committee Meeting one week before the Board Meeting, so any requests received after the Executive Committee Meeting (2nd Tuesday of each month) will have to be considered for the following month’s agenda. Below the form, see tips for creating a successful agenda item suggestion.

NOTE: if you have any supporting documents to submit, such as PDFs or JPGs, please send those to the board at and make sure you reference the AGENDA ITEM (from the above field) so we know what it belongs with.

Tips for creating a successful agenda item addition:
  • If you’re asking the board to take action, and therefore the agenda item requires a vote, include the text “discussion/possible action:” at the beginning of the “agenda item” field (as seen in the example text above)
  • In addition to information on the topic, if there’s a specific position you’d like the GPNC Board to adopt, you are encouraged to provide language for the motion, such as “SUGGESTED MOTION: The GPNC hereby supports the work of the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates and their White Paper dated March 8, 2017, and requests that the City address and implement their recommendations.  In addition, the GPNC has the following (recommendations/suggestions to add…)”
  • If you are not sure what kind of language to include as a suggestion for the motion, still make sure you are clear about what position you’d like the GPNC to arrive at, and whether the vote ought to produce a certain outcome—make it clear whether you want the GPNC to convey its position to city agencies/gov’t or approve funding for a grant.  If you’re not sure, be as specific as you can.