Free Parkway Tree(s) Planted For You: Sign Up Now!


Glassell Park Neighborhood Council has teamed up with Northeast Trees to bring you free trees to green your parkway (which will be planted for you, but which you are responsible for watering), so all of Glassell Park’s streets can be lovely, shady, tree-lined streets.

And it’s not just about aesthetics—Trees can:

  • improve our health: slow our heart rates/blood pressure & decrease muscle tension [1]; increase our attention spans [2]; increase the benefits of exercise [3]; promote feelings of contentedness & relaxation while also reducing stress hormones [4]; reduce interpersonal aggression (as well as crime rates) [5]; and, believe it or not, improve community bonds that help us thrive [6]
  • significantly lessen the urban heat island effect by shading surfaces that would normally be getting hot from sunlight; this in turn reduces how hard our air conditioning systems have to work, thereby reducing both the heat emitted by AC compressors and our CO2 emissions, which provides additional cooling
  • help clean our air: yes, they even reduce smog and the (even more harmful to our health) particulate pollution that results from bare soil (exacerbated by years of drought), leaf blowers (despite being illegal, they’re everywhere), and vehicles
  • retain rainwater (which eventually travels down the leaves, branches, and trunk, and into the ground, instead of washing straight out to the ocean, polluted by the toxic substances picked up in streets)
  • provide habitat to the neighborhood’s many birds
  • make the neighborhood quieter by reducing noise transmission

Click on the image above or go to to sign up for your tree(s) today.

If you’ve wanted a tree in your parkway, but just weren’t sure how to make it happen, this is your chance.

DON’T WAIT!  The deadline to sign up is March 31st April 2nd!

If you need any help with your trees after they are planted, there are several community volunteers on hand to help who have been trained by TreePeople, so you will always have someone to ask for help if you need it (just email  🙂